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Few events of the 1960s captured the heart and soul of a generation like Woodstock, the 3-day epic music festival in upstate New York, August 15, 16, and 17, 1969. When the original venue fell through, Sam Yasgur convinced his father Max to allow the festival to be held on his 600-acre farm in Bethel, NY.  Many of the best bands of the era played through the days and nights to the 500,000 young fans who braved the traffic jams, rain, mud, and insufficient food and facilities to witness and become a part of music history.


This outstanding memorabilia grouping includes a program from the festival, signed by multiple artists, including: Grace Slick, Phil Lesh, 


The programs were intended to be sold to festival attendees, but due to the traffic jams, didn't reach the festival grounds until Sunday, when there were no vendors left to sell them. So they ended up being thrown in bundles from trucks driven through the festival grounds for the crowd to enjoy free, in the spirit of the day.


Included with the Woodstock program is the iconic 3 Days poster by Arnold Skolnick, signed by Marty Balin, founder and one of the lead singers of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship. Marty wrote: ""Believe in Miracles' Marty Balin Jefferson Airplane."


Program signed by multiple artists

Poster signed by Marty Balin Jefferson Airplane



24" x 41"

Woodstock poster & program *Signed

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