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The Beatles played their legendary first concert in the U.S. at the Washington Coliseum in D.C. on February 11, 1964. Their train rides between New York and D.C. were cataloged by media, as well, and the Beatles did not fail to entertain on the way.


In this photo from the 16 Magazine Photo Archives, Ringo Starr dons a woman's fur coat and hat and strolls down the aisle for the cameras. Framed alongside the photo is a 45RPM single release of "Matchbox" and "Slow Down," released August 24, 1964 on Capitol Records. 


A plaque in the framed set reads "February 1964 -- The Train Ride to Washington D.C. -- Capitol Records Photos -- 16 Magazine Photo Archives."



31.5" x 24"

The Beatles February 1964 "The Train Ride to Washington D.C."

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