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The Beatles' song, "Do You Want to Know a Secret," from their 1963 LP Please Please Me, was their first top-10 single to feature George Harrison as lead singer. The Beatles are pictured here chatting onstage with Harrison on the mic, Lennon leaning over to listen to a female fan, and McCartney leaning over the drum kit to talk with Ringo. The quaint UK party they are playing is a scene that would soon be left far behind as their crowds and need for security grew.


This limited edition photograph is framed to show its deckled edges, with "Do You Want to Know a Secret -- 1963" hand-printed across the bottom, and is numbered 41/275. Framed with it are four 8-track tapes of Beatles albums: The Beatles 1962-1966 part 1; Sergeant Pepper; The Beatles 1967-1978 part 2; and Let It Be.



38" x 41"

The Beatles "Do You Want to Know a Secret" 1963

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