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Parrotheads will love this outstanding signed memorabilia collection. The man from Margaritaville, musician and songwriter Jimmy Buffet, is pictured here in 1973 holding a mixed drink in this limited edition photo by James Fortune. 


James Fortune began his photographic career in the late 1960s while still in college in Los Angeles. He photographed and cataloged over 15,000 images of rock icons and others through 1980. This limited edition photo is framed to show its deckled edges, is hand-signed by Fortune and is numbered AP25/27.


Framed underneath is a copy of Jimmy Buffet's 1973 LP, A White Sportcoat and a Pink Crustacean, hand-signed by Jimmy Buffet. The album title is a reference to the Marty Robbins song, "A White Sportcoat and a Pink Carnation." White Sportcoat was Buffet's first major-label album and set him on the course to fame as the patron saint of weekend beach bums across the nation.


Photo signed by James Fortune

LP signed by Jimmy Buffet 




48.5" x 29"

Jimmy Buffet *Signed

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