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Eric Clapton's 1985 Warner Bros. album, Behind the Sun, represents his first collaboration with Phil Collins. The album title is a nod to Muddy Waters's song, "Louisiana Blues." 


His Behind the Sun Tour was featured at the first Live Aid concert in 1985, and the video for "Forever Man" became an MTV favorite. 


Included in this framed memorabilia grouping are a copy of his Behind the Sun LP, hand-signed by Eric Clapton, a cover sleeve for the "Forever Man" single release, a photo of Clapton onstage, playing his favorite Fender Stratocaster, "Blackie," and an original 1985 tour shirt. These items are from the collection of Clapton's tour guitar tech, Lee Dickson.


Signed by Eric Clapton 

Behind The Sun Tour 



46" 37"

Eric Clapton Behind the Sun 1985 *Signed

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