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The 1983 Money and Cigarettes LP represents Clapton's first studio project following a stint in rehab for alcohol, and features a "new" lineup of veteran studio musicians, except for Albert Lee: Donald "Duck" Dunn, Roger Hawkins, and Ry Cooder. The LP included here is hand-signed by Eric Clapton, "Eric Clapton '96."


Also included in this Clapton grouping is a 45RPM single release from the same LP: "I've Got a Rock and Roll Heart," and a used setlist from his February 23, 1996 show, signed the same year by Lee Dickson, Clapton's tour guitar tech. A plaque identifies this item from Lee Dickson's personal collection.


LP signed by Eric Clapton 

Personal Stage Used Set List signed by Lee Dickson

February 23, 1996



38" x 22"

Eric Clapton LP & Setlist *Signed

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