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American rock band Bon Jovi's 1993 album, Keep the Faith, represented a big milestone for the band. They left their glam-metal past behind and forged ahead into a more rock and roll image and sound. The resulting double-platinum selling album peaked at #5 on the US Billboard chart and topped the charts in the UK and Austrailia.


The tour poster featured here was presented as a gift to Sam Gennawey for his work and support of the tour. It is hand-inscribed "Thanks for believing" and signed by the members of Bon Jovi.


The text of the attached note (received with the item at original purchase) reads:


"This is a very rare award. This was given by the band to the crew and staff for their 1993 world tour to promote "Keep the faith" album. This album was Bon Jovi's 5th album and sold over 2 million copies in the US. It sold over 10 million globally. It had three hits "Keep the Faith", "Bed of Roses", and "In These Arms". This was the time the band fired its long time manager Doc McGhee, and formed a corporation, with Jon running the show. This is a very rare award showing every single date they visited in the border of the award."


Frame Size: 31" x 27"

Bon Jovi "Keep the Faith" poster

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